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Sign Lighting

Serving Boulder County for over 15 years

Parking Lot Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Call us to repair or exchange your hard to reach areas.


We  want to save you money and time, therefore, we offer free Boulder area deliveries, personalized accounts and many other services to make keeping the lights on at your location a seamless operation. No more issues for emergency/exit lighting or concerns about hard to reach light bulbs in the parking lot. You won’t have to waste time looking for ladders, searching for bulbs, or moving “replace light bulb “from today’s “to do” list to tomorrow’s list.  Simply call Boulder Light Bulb at 303-443-6330 and let us help you get started.

Our Services Include

    • Installation and Retrofitting fixtures (interior & exterior)
    • Lighting specific electrical services
    • Exterior Sign repair/LED Upgrade
    • Parking lot lighting (installation and repair)
    • Relamping service
    • Audit consulting and lighting design
    • Exit/Emergency lighting and batteries
    • Energy saving specialists


    • Installation, Relamping and Maintenance Services: $75.00 per hour
    • Bucket Truck Rental with Operator: $125.00 per hour
    • Free Boulder Area Delivery
    • Within Boulder County there is no trip charge for maintenance or bucket truck services
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